Poolesville Elementary School

A Message from Town Commissioner Jerry Klobukowski

08 Nov 2013 4:26 PM | PES PTA (Administrator)
At 7:00 PM on 11 November at the Carver Educational Center off Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Donna Lowell/Poolesville Cluster Coordinator and I, Jerry Klobukowski, will testify before the Board of Education in support of the capital needs of the Poolesville Cluster Schools. The foremost capital need is Poolesville High School’s modernization, which the Superintendent has recommended it be pushed back to 2024.

Donna and I know we have your support, but the Board of Education does not. They need to see a united community of parents, teachers and students en mass, not just a hand full of people, standing before them. It is essential that everyone in the Western Montgomery community regardless of whether or not you have children in PHS or not to stand up for equity in education and to ensure future generations who attend PHS are afforded the same facilities, and programs that the more down county students enjoy. It is important to engage parents of out of cluster students to join us, especially those whose children are still in grade school and middle school because PHS the magnet to which their students would be sent. Do they want a school on par with Montgomery Blair and Einstein or a facility on its last legs kept together with baling wire and duct tape? For the school was built in 1953, received a cosmetic overhaul in 1978, which do to some sort of administrative amnesia MCPS calls a renovation. The current date of 2024 means the school would be 71 years old before it would be truly modernized. To some it may seem like rather dauntless, even hopeless, but our community, a united community have confronted similar situations head on before and won. We were told we did not deserve a middle school, but we have one, John Poole Middle School. We were told that our middle school did not merit a full size gymnasium, but we have one. We were told Monocacy Elementary School should be closed because Dr. Weast deemed its student population to small and should be closed, but it is still open. This was all accomplished because parents banded together impressed upon the Board of Education, County Executive and County Council that our students deserved to be afforded the same educational opportunities and facilities as down county students.

We need your support en mass again, to make the letters PTSA really mean Parents, Teachers and Students. It is easy to find excuses, why we cannot attend, athletic practice or games, club meetings, and the thought of driving to Rockville after a hard day at work, fighting traffic is not very inviting, etc., but what message does that send to our children about standing up for important issues facing us now, what will it teach them. Our children learn much just by listening to and watching what we do. If we expect them to become leaders and contributing members to society, then it is up to us to set the “example” and not sit on the sidelines and hope that someone else will confront and solve the problem. Winston Churchill said “difficulties and dangers will not be removed by closing our eyes to them. They will not be removed by mere waiting to see what happens;” When I was in the U.S. Navy, I learned three very important words: honor, courage and commitment. It is fitting that we are given the privilege of testifying on Veteran’s Day. A day on which we remember and thank our friends and neighbors, those no longer among us, who have served and sacrificed for our country, its ideals, and its way of life for us and future generations. Let us join together honor the efforts of those who preceded us, by showing the courage to stand together in pursuit of a worthy goal, PHS’s Modernization, and making the commitment to ensuring its modernization date slips no further.

So I ask you to come, come tired; bring your children all sweaty, in uniform from their practices or games; bring your Cub Scouts, Brownies, and Boy and Girl Scouts in uniform to educate them what advocacy really means and unity can accomplish; call and email out of cluster parents whose children are attending or want their children to attend the Number ONE high school academically in Maryland, and 64th in the nation; to all of Western Montgomery county senior citizens, come because you remember how hard you worked to get MCPS and the county to provide Western Montgomery County with the schools, amenities, and services they provided down county, and are tired of hearing that same old “bishwa; come because you would rather be part of realty than watching a “reality TV show”; come with sense of purpose, come with commitment.
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