Poolesville Elementary School
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Get on the Bus to Annapolis!

  • 13 Feb 2014
  • 4:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Annapolis

MCCPTA - Poolesville Cluster

Get on the Bus to Annapolis!

Hey POOLESVILLE!!! Want your children/students to have the best education??? Here's your chance to put your plan into action just by committing a few hours!!!

In order to get the state money that MCPS deserves for Capital Improvement (read: NEW POOLESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, revitalization for Poolesville ES, etc.), we need to hit the road and bring people to Annapolis!

Last year, Baltimore City brought 1000 people to Annapolis and they ended up with money for their schools! Let's do it for our kids and bring as many bodies to Annapolis as we can!!! MCCPTA will have a bus from Poolesville High School so PLEASE sign up, spend the evening with us and bring home the bacon to Montgomery County! Our kids deserve better schools! SSL hours will be provided for students ready to engage legislators : )

The bus, free of charge and courtesy of MCCPTA, will depart Poolesville HS at 4:30 pm and leave Annapolis at 9:00 pm in time for you to get a good night sleep knowing that you did your share for public education!

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